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Millennium Broadway
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Belvedere Hotel
Bentley Hotel
Hotel 373 Fifth Avenue
Room Mate Grace Hotel
Marcel Hotel
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Best Western President
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This section of New York Hotels website offers detailed information on the best hotels of New York. The guests of the city can find links to the famous sights, popular theaters, museums, restaurants, attractions of New York. The information on the hotel reservation online is available.

Helsinki Hotels

Helsinki Hotels website contains the information on different hotels in Helsinki. High quality of the services provided by five-star hotels in this city should be taken for granted. The guests of four-star hotels accustomed to the certain standards of first class service. On the site you can also find the description of three-star hotels of the city. General information about Helsinki, given on the site, will be useful for the travellers, both if you just plan your trip, or have already been to this city. Here you can get acquainted with the language, money matters, public transportation, working hours, electricity and health. This information will help you while going sightseeing around Helsinki.
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Russia Visa

Russia Visa website characterizes the peculiarities of visa arrangement, provides the information on the best Russian hotels. It describes the Russian consulates, gives their addresses and telephones. The peculiarities how to get Russian visa are presented on the site. The correctness of this information influences the successfulness of your visit to Russia. Visa FAQs includes general information, describing what Russian visa is and who needs it.
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St. Petersburg travel guide

St. Petersburg travel guide website gives detailed characteristics of the hotels in Saint Petersburg. Five-star hotels are shown as the safeguard of the luxury and a quality of service. Four-star hotels provide a great deal of services, which got the acknowledgement all over the world. Three-star hotels attract the visitors by the moderate prices and pleasant relaxing atmosphere. The information on St. Petersburg mini-hotels is also available here. A great choice of sightseeing tours of St. Petersburg, the variety of the excursions are offered to the guests. You will have an opportunity to visit the places of interest, historical monuments of the city.
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Ukraine Travel

Ukraine Travel website focuses on the valuable information on the best hotels both in Kiev and in other Ukrainian cities. The hotels of Ukraine impress the visitors by the variety and difference of the suggested services. Comfortable rooms with all modern equipment leave nobody indifferent. The personnel of Kiev hotels specialize in making your stay as comfortable as it is possible. On this site you can also find the information on the contacts. Our offices are situated in New-York, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. You can also keep in touch with us by the telephone, mail or e-mail.
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Viptickets Info

Viptickets Info website acquaints you with the possibilities of theatre tickets reservation online. It suggests the tickets to the best theatres and shows in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Pay attention that Moscow theatres are also fully represented on the website. The list of them is rather long and you have something to choose out of. For the tickets reservation you need to fill in and send us the order form, emphasizing all the information the form asks for. If you do everything properly, your tickets will soon wait for you. Travel projects section helps you to do it without any efforts. It contains travel reservation information, destination guides, depicts general facts about the country or city you are going to go to, defining the currency and so on.
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Minsk Hotels

Minsk Hotels website reveals valuable information on the hotels in Minsk. It also provides interesting facts of the geographical position, climate, currency of Belarus and its capital. It should be said that among hotels in Minsk you can find five-star hotels, four-star hotels and three-star hotels. A lot of information is devoted to the theatres in Minsk, which show bright performances, have talented actors and genius producers. Historical life of Minsk is totally reflected in the exhibitions, displayed in the museums of the city. So, if you are interested in history the museum of Minsk is the exact place you need to go to. It should be said that the restaurants of Minsk are fully depicted on the site.
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Russia Hotels

Russia Hotels website suggests important information on the hotels all over Russia. As the territory of this country is rather large, you will find a proper hotel in any its city without any problems. The hotels of Russia vary from five-star to two-star hotels. They provide you with luxury comfort and unforgettable quietness of the rest. Hotels offer a lot of the opportunities for your children`s entertainment. Cozy rooms invite the guests to have a rest after a hard working day. Here you can also find restaurant and bar according to your taste. One more advantage, proposed by Optima Tours: it is possible, without any difficulties to reserve the airline tickets to any city of Russia. It can be done on-line, which is, by the way, the most convenient way of the reservation, by mail or telephone and fax.
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Kiev Info

Kiev Info website provides the most interesting and valuable information on the hotels, airline and train tickets, sights, museums, restaurants and nightclubs of Kiev. Kiev hotels include the deluxe hotels, superior hotels, standard hotels and budget hotels. It is going without saying that all of them provide the high-quality service. Information on the airline tickets and their reservation is represented on the site. The reservation form helps you to reserve the airline tickets from Kiev and USA. Here you can also find the characteristic features of reservation technology, the description of the tickets delivery and forms of payment. Transportation services are also described fully. They include cars or mini-buses, which can take you from or to the airport. You are also suggested the help with the luggage.
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Moscow City

Moscow City website offers up-to-date information on the top ten hotels in Moscow. It also describes the peculiarities of train tickets reservation online, depicts the main sights and attractions of Moscow. Hotels in Moscow are represented by five-star, four-star and three-star hotels. All of the hotels provide the visitors with the best service. The hotels in Moscow suggest a number of facilities not only for the rest but also for business. The train tickets are also available online. Knowing the direction of the journey, you can reserve the train tickets in advance. Define the departure date, time and of course the cities of your trip, insert the information to the reservation form and that s all. You can also to find out much interesting information about Moscow attractions, theaters and restaurants.
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Warsaw Hotels

Warsaw Hotels website proposes the information on five-star, four-star, three-star and two-star hotels in Warsaw. It also describes the main sights and activities of the city. The hotels will be suitable for businessmen, as they have a wide range of the facilities, necessary for the work and good for the family rest as there you can find the entertainment areas for your children, shopping and fitness centers for women and business facilities for the men. Activities in Warsaw impress the tourists by their variety. Here you can find information on the bowling clubs, golf and country clubs, tennis and squash, zoo and many other places for the active rest.
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Helsinki Hotels

Helsinki Hotels website provides important information on the hotels, tours, excursions, airline tickets in Helsinki. Here you can also find some additional services, provided by Optima Tours. You can stay at one of five-star, four-star, and three-star hotels in Helsinki. All of them propose the visitors rooms of different rates and levels of comfort. There are also smoking and non-smoking rooms for the guests. Take into account that tours to Helsinki can be accompanied by the professional guide, who clearly brings the matter of the excursion to the tourists. The information on the airline tickets reservation system is fully represented on the site. Different forms of payment for the tickets are available, such as credit cards, bank transfers, money orders or checks. Among the additional services there are the following: transfers, confirmation of airline tickets, delivery inside the city boundaries and theatre tickets.
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St. Petersburg Hotels

St. Petersburg Hotels website contains the information about the hotels in Saint Petersburg, shows the travel services, suggested for the visitors, and explains how to reserve the airline tickets without any problems. Here the top hotels of Saint Petersburg are presented. They have spacious and cozy rooms of various categories and correspondently various prices, they also offer some additional facilities for work and pleasure. Mini-hotels attract the visitors by the home-like atmosphere and pleasant comfort. Of course, if you visit Saint Petersburg on business it will be interesting for you to find out what kind of the travel services you can be provided with. Among them we can name train tickets, transportation services, interpreters and tour guides, visa support and business travel.
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Moscow Hotels

Moscow Hotels website suggests full information on the hotels in Moscow of different categories. Moscow hotels vary from five-star to three-star hotels. It should be said that now it is possible to reserve the apartments in Moscow. It is good for those, who like home atmosphere and prefer not to stay at the hotels. Great variety of Moscow apartments helps you to make the right choice. The variety of the tours to Moscow is described on the site. You can also find the information on the peculiarities of train tickets reservation.
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Riga Hotels

Riga Hotels website focuses on the hotels in Riga, shows the rates and peculiarities of the hotels of different classes. It provides the information on the tours around Riga, offers numerous travel services. The hotels in Riga are very suitable, have nice rooms, restaurants, bars, friendly staff and all the possibilities for the excellent rest. All of them are characterized by the modern interiors. Among the travel services which are suggested to the guests of Riga, we can name the following: transfers, guide services, visa support. Pay attention that all the enumerated services are fulfilled perfectly. There are various tours to Riga, among them the first place takes weekend tours, which are suitable for the working people.
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Saint Petersburg Apartments

Saint Petersburg Apartments website gives entire information on the apartments in the Northern capital of Russia. Here you can also find necessary information on transportation and guided tours in Saint Petersburg. Apartments for rent in Saint Petersburg are ideally furnitured and have all modern conveniences. Here you can also find the apartments near the metro stations of Saint Petersburg. It is possible to choose the number of the rooms, the floor and the address of the apartment. The range of the transportation services in Saint Petersburg is rather wide. They include the transfers for the different purposes. You can reserve the car, mini-bus or a bus. Experienced drivers help you to orient in the unknown city. There are luxury, superior and standard travel classes of the guided tours.
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Tallinn Hotels

Tallinn Hotels website offers the information on the hotels of different classes, such as five-star, four-star, three-star and two-star hotels in Tallinn. Here you can also find all necessary facts about the excursions and sightseeing tours to Tallinn. Of course if you visit the city for the first time, you would like to get as much information about it as it is possible. The tours to Tallinn give you such an opportunity to discover something new about the city. Three days of the tour involve you in the world of ancient city and its sights. Your are also suggested different excursions to Tallinn. Choose one of the excursions and enjoy the beauty of the capital of Estonia.
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Vilnius Hotels

Vilnius Hotels website suggests the valuable information on the best hotels in Vilnius. It also shows the variety of the tours and explains the travel services. Hotels in Vilnius attract the attention of the visitors by the wide range of luxury services they provide their guests with and a lot of facilities for the work and rest. The hotels are situated both in the center of the city and in its outer parts. Here you can also find the information on the tours to Vilnius, which are very interesting because Vilnius is considered to be one of the oldest and the most beautiful cities in Europe. There are a lot of the travel services suggested, such as transfers, guide services, visa support.
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Kiev Hotels

Kiev Hotels website suggests interesting information on the hotels in Ukrainian capital. It also includes the description of the tours and excursions around Kiev, explains the procedure of the transfers. The hotels in Kiev are preferably situated in the center of the city, so it will be very convenient for you to get to any district of Kiev. Highly professional staff will make your stay at the hotel comfortable and pleasant. It should be said that the choice of the tours around Kiev is really great. All of them begin both on Friday or Saturday and last during all weekend. It is very convenient for those, who come to Kiev only at the end of the working week. As for the transfers, there are many different transportation services the clients can be provided with. You can be taken to or from the airport or railway station. To your services there are comfortable cars, mini-buses and buses.
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Moscow Hotels

Moscow Hotels website explains how to find the proper hotel in Russian capital, reveals the reservation conditions, gives the list of the most popular hotels in Moscow, suggests quick facts about the city. Moscow Hotels catalogue describes the list of the services suggested to the visitors by the hotels of different classes: luxury, deluxe, superior, standard, economy. Here you can find not only the description of the hotels, but also the prices for the staying. Information on the recommended hotels will be useful for those, who are used to listen to the authority thoughts of others, while choosing the hotel. If you want to reserve the hotel, airline or train tickets, sightseeing tour, the reservation conditions will help you to do it more successfully. For the convenience of the clients there exist different methods of the reservation: by telephone or fax, by mail, from the website.
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Saint Petersburg Hotels

St. Petersburg Hotels website represents information on the hotels of different categories in Saint Petersburg. You can also find the descriptions of the tours and excursions all over Northern capital of Russia. Airline and train tickets information is available too. As for the hotels in Saint Petersburg, they invite the visitors from all over the world, suggesting them the best living conditions and variety of the facilities. Information on the tours to Saint Petersburg is given on the site. There is a great choice of them to different destinations.
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Visit Russia

Visit Russia website describes the hotels in Russia, shows the advantages of the tours around this country, suggests airline and train tickets reservation. Russia hotels are represented in all the cities of the country. You can find a short description of the hotels in the city you are going to go to. Cities guide helps the travellers to orient in the geographical peculiarities, local climate, time of as well know Russian cities, as not so famous. Here you can also find the information on Russia and its sights. Russia tours impress the tourists by the variety of the tours suggested. You can enjoy Moscow and Saint Petersburg tours as these cities are considered to be the most popular cities of Russia. You can also choose one of the Golden Ring tours. Pay attention that airline tickets can be reserved online.
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Flights to New York

With so much to see and do in New York, a trip to NYC is a must for travellers of all ages. The New York skyline is one of the most breathtaking sights you will ever see. Many of the famous Manhattan skyscrapers are national landmarks and represent different architectural styles and eras, with some dating back to the early years of the 20th century.
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