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Best Western President
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New York has a humid continental climate. Due to its location adjacent to water, the city suffers less temperature fluctuation than inland areas; the prevailing weather comes from the continental landmass. Normally, the ocean doesn't have a great influence, thus summer can get very hot and winter can get very cold. Winters in New York are typically cold and sometimes during snowstorms the city can be covered with over a foot (30 cm) of snow and fully paralyzed. Springs are mild, averaging in 10-15 degrees Celsius, in late March to the lower 25-30 d C in early June. Summers in New York are hot and humid. Temperatures commonly exceed 32 d C, high temperatures above 38 d C. Autumns are comfortable in New York and similar to spring in temperature. Occasionally, the normal weather patterns shift, and (winds called Northeasters) bring moisture from the Atlantic resulting in fierce winds and heavy rainfalls or heavy snowfalls

According to the United States Census Bureau, 35.31% of the total area of New York is occupied with water. Although most of the city is adequately above sea level, parts of it could be threatened in the future if the current patterns of global warming continue.

Average temperatures:
January Low 26 degrees F, -3.33 degrees C High 38 degrees F; 3.33 degrees C
July Low 67 degrees F; 19.44 degrees C High 84 degrees F; 28.89 degrees C
Average rainfall:
January 3.11 inches
July 3.67 inches
Average snowfall:
January 7 inches
July 0 inches

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