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Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Brooklyn Botanical Garden
A major attraction at this 52-acre botanic garden, one of the finest in the country, is the beguiling Japanese Garden - complete with a blazing red torn gate and a pond laid out in the shape of the Chinese character for "heart." The Japanese cherry arbor here turns into a breathtaking cloud of pink every spring. You can also wander through the Cranford Rose Garden (5,000 bushes, 1,200 varieties); the Fragrance Garden, designed especially for the blind; the Shakespeare Garden, featuring more than 80 plants immortalized by the Bard (including many kinds of roses); and Celebrity Path, Brooklyn's answer to Hollywood's Walk of Fame, with the names of New York stars - including Mel Brooks, Woody Alien, Mary Tyler Moore, Barbra Streisand, Mae West, and Maurice Sendak - inscribed on stepping-stones. The Steinhardt Conservatory is a complex of handsome greenhouses, holds thriving desert, tropical, temperate, and aquatic vegetation, as well as a display charting the evolution of plants over the past 140 million years. The extraordinary C. V. Starr Bonsai Museum in the Conservatory exhibits about 80 miniature Japanese specimens.

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