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Crunch Fitness
Address: 623 Broadway, Greenwich Village
Phone: 212-420-0501

When the Crunch Fitness opened its first aerobics studio in New York City in 1989, it was a tiny place with a few people working there. Soon the place changed its location, became to grow and with the help of creative and experienced instructors was glorified due to its innovative programs, which never before seen in a gym. These programs were combined from hip-hop aerobics with a live rapper, action wrestling, yoga cycling. The lessons were guided not only by instructors, but also accompanied with showmen, rappers, dancers, actors and professionals athletes.

The club offers revolutionary philosophy and appreciation for the unconventional that made you want to join, is at the heart of our classes. is constantly coming up with the most innovative classes around - Cardio Striptease, BOSU Bootcamp and Kama Sutra Yoga just to name a few. And our instructors aren't just your run-of-the-mill aerobics instructors. They come from all walks of life - making every class unique and exciting.

Action Sports include professional training for surfboarding, riding and so on. These classes help you train for a marathon or surfboarding, and help you build the strength, endurance, and stamina needed for real life action sports.

Chill outs give you the opportunity to take a deep breath and check out these classes that include everything from yoga, to pilates, to meditation, to Naptime. Class included in the Chill Outs category focus on minimizing stress and maximizing wellness.

Dance based classes to break out all your moves in these dance based classes. They include anything that involve a rhythm and and a beat and range from hip hop to Ballroom Blitz to Latino Grooves to Country.

Variations of classes will satisfy each visitor to the Crunch Fitness!

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